Andrew’s Blog: Maintain Boundaries

Many business owners are unaware of the conflict they have with work and the underlying stress it creates.

We often talk about learning to say no to others requests, but what about the demands in our own heads?

How many times have we said no to the telephone, or turning on the laptop when spending time with our families or friends, then find ourselves having a quick peek to check on things?

Before we know it, we are lost in a conversation with a client that could have waited two days or even a week.

Let’s make sure we are in control of our free time and how we experience it.

When we set boundaries with ourselves and say “I am not available today or this week” we learn to find harmony in our professional and personal lives.

Otherwise, we are allowing other people to own our diaries and steal precious time, eventually leading to increased overwhelm and potentially burnout.

Enjoy the Easter holidays – let’s make a commitment to taking a real break.

How do you set boundaries?

Andrew’s Blog: Keep It Simple

Business owners who do too much are often complicating things and find themselves overburdened with unnecessary actions.

I believe our biggest lesson post-Covid will be to keep it simple.

My biggest problem in business (and in my sports career) was that I feared simplicity. I believed that if it was too easy I must be doing something wrong.

I had a coach who said “hockey is a simple game, complicated by fools” I have carried this philosophy into everything I do and is a core to the Burnout Boss community.

Let’s turn our attention to stripping back as we move forward with this year. It will be liberating and free up more time to focus on scaling our businesses.

The riches are in taking on less and doing a job very well.

Rather than taking on too much, doing a lesser job and getting burned out.

How do you keep things simple?

Andrew’s Blog: Get a Cleaner

Business owners who want to scale their businesses often find they are doing tasks that can be easily outsourced. They are doing things that distract them from focusing on what they are truly great at.

An obvious one is cleaning the house. Not just a metaphor.

My wife and I run coaching businesses and found ourselves spending the weekend cleaning the house instead of enjoying quality time with the children.

This just an example of tasks that can be outsourced, what about copywriting, video editing or managing the operations of your business.

When we open our minds up to increasing capacity in our business, we accelerate growth.

When we hold onto tasks to protect profit and value Money over time, we become a bottleneck to growth.

Which tasks, regardless of costs, should you delegate or outsource so you can focus on your strengths?

Andrew’s Blog: Be Lazy

Business owners who do too much find it hard to be still, we try to relax in front of the TV and before we know it, a thought goes in our heads and we are multitasking with the laptop or pacing the living room on the phone, passively watching the movie.

We have been taught that doing nothing is lazy.

I have to force myself to switch off, otherwise, my restless mind will have me up and about doing things that can easily wait. I’m the guy clearing the table whilst people are still eating.

Being still is not lazy, let’s take time this week to be introspective and reflect on our business, health, relationship and mindset goals.

If being still is lazy then it is a skill we should harness because it strengthens our mindset and will improve performance in the long run.

Otherwise, we are like athletes playing the game at 100%, 100% of the time – and that is not sustainable.

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Andrew’s Blog: Organisation Kills Creativity

Too much organisation can kill spontaneity, free thought and dreams.

The desire for categorising, organising and refining can stifle our creativity and prevent us from achieving our full potential.

Of course, we need to bring structure to the chaos, but not at the cost of innovation.

I loved to put things in boxes and keep things in order, to the point where it would create more overwhelm, in me and others.

Let’s make sure we are creating time to be free in our thoughts and actions.

We must also be mindful when someone expresses their ideas and thoughts to us, and not put them in a box so they conform to our own desire for order.

When we open our minds up to the freedom of ideas we increase our ability to confront emotions that we may be avoiding.

When we are gripped by order and avoid the freedom to think, it could be linked to a deeper emotional issue, which restricts us from reaching our full potential.

Do you need to let go and enjoy thriving in chaos for a while?

Andrew’s Blog: Focus on the Moment

Business owners who do too much find it difficult to moderate themselves. We pick up the pace and work frantically to cover up any lack of decision making or the ability to focus on real problems.

As a leader, I would just run faster if I’d lost my way. I believed my pace would be a sign to others that I knew what I was doing and where we were heading as a team. But in reality, I was masking my own uncertainty.

As business owners, we need to learn that the failure to know exactly what the next steps are, is part of the process and the journey towards the bigger goal.

When we accept that we don’t have the answers and show vulnerability we become more human, furthermore, it will protect our health and the health of others.

Otherwise, if we don’t focus on the task at hand and focus on problems at the moment we will fall short of achieving the ultimate goal.

Do you need to slow down??

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Andrew’s Blog: 4 Steps To Better Thinking

Busy business leaders are often too focused on performance results to stop and think creatively.

I believed I knew the answer to most problems without the need to think it through thoroughly and slow down to be more creative.

I wasn’t patient enough. And if someone tried to slow me down to think creatively I would find it irritating and avoid these types of conversations.

As a result, I would keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. What we know Einstein said was a sign of insanity!

I have learnt how to slow my thinking down, I take more time to listen to others and understand their perspective rather than only focusing on the end result.

Here are 4 steps you can use by yourself and with your team, so you take the best possible action to achieve results.

  1. What’s your single biggest challenge?
  2. What is your desired outcome (and by when)?
  3. Create options and ideas (brainstorm, get creative, listen)
  4. Choose the best option and identify a specific, measurable and timeframe for your target.

The aim is to avoid jumping to step 4 immediately. Slow down.

When we learn to truly listen and become more patient with ourselves and others we improve our well-being and dignity.

Otherwise, we limit our courage and the ability to fully explore, create and improve our performance.

Do you find it hard to slow your thinking down?

Andrew’s Blog: Don’t Forget Your Purpose

Business owners and founders who obsess about their work often lose sight of their purpose. It’s easily done, I still have to catch myself today when I’m feeling under pressure.

It wasn’t until I prepared for my TEDx talk in 2015 that I connected the dots with my father suddenly dying of a heart attack at age 48 that I truly understood my purpose.

And still, it wasn’t 100%  – because of the single-minded obsession with helping others caught up with me and I realised I had neglected my own health and personal relationships.

Let’s make sure we focus on our purpose and not get lost in the chaos of work to ensure we don’t become distracted and make poor choices.

When we live our purpose every day we thrive, feel inspired and work at our potential.

Not aligning with our purpose in both our professional and personal lives can lead to a lack of motivation, overwhelm and potentially burnout.

Let me know your purpose.

Andrew’s Blog: Recharging Is Not a Sin

Many business owners who do too much feel guilty about relaxing. It’s often unthinkable to lounge around and do nothing.

We believe we will never achieve greatness if we take time out. That’s what the gurus say. Right?

I am a restless person, I have found it impossible to stop and recharge, I am always looking for ways to be more productive, but the truth is I’m never being productive with this mindset.

It’s important to schedule a time for ourselves – one day each month where we get lost for a day in the city or spend the day on the couch or head to the mountains.

Taking a guilt-free time-out is a healthy habit and will empower you to be more productive, focused and happy.

Recharging should need no explanation or justification, make sure you get your own oxygen mask on first.

What will you do this month to recharge?

Andrew’s Blog: Celebrate Success

Ambitious business owners often beat themselves up, they are self-critical and focus on the times when they didn’t perform well. High performing athletes are the same.

I spent way too much time focusing on negativity – early on in my leadership career I focused on negative performance in others trying to fix them – of course, it was with the best intentions. But I often wonder if it was because of my own insecurities.

Let’s make sure that we elevate ourselves and others and see each other in the best light possible. We must try to avoid being back seat drivers in our minds or when observing others, even when we find ourselves shouting at our favourite football player on the screen.

Be your own personal cheerleader and go all-in on being a cheerleader for others by seeing the success first.

There is always a place for critical analysis – but we need to be mindful of the longterm effects of negative criticism

How will review your week positively today?