Andrew’s Blog: You Are Not Your Work

Many high-achievers define themselves and others by what they do and how good they are at doing it.

I noticed this, especially in sports. High-achievers naturally gravitate towards and make friends with other high-achievers. Of course, it is important to surround ourselves with people who raise our game.

But what happens when the game ends? When the career is over?

What then?

I see this in many athletes – as their identity is what they do – not who they are. Then they feel lost when their career ends.

I have always wanted to play at the top of my game in sports and business, but I have had to go deeper to truly understand who I am.

Try not to define yourself to others by your work. Instead focus on a deeper, more meaningful type of disclosure.

This is where real meaningful relationships exist.

You are not your work, you are much more.


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Andrew’s Blog: Make The Right Sacrifices

Business leaders who do too much are self-sabotaging.

We abuse ourselves with our workaholic mentality, which is particularly destructive to those we care about and love.

However, when scaling and growing a business we have to make a sacrifice somewhere otherwise we’ll never build the business we want.

We must identify the difference between conscious and unconscious sacrifice. It is very easy to make unconscious sacrifices – such as neglecting our partners, truly listening to our children, missing important events.

Conscious sacrifice is different. You step back and make changes that put you into pain rather than others but bring long term pleasure so you can lead and grow your business.

This may include:

  • Stop staying up late watching TV
  • Stop eating unhealthy food
  • Stop pressing the snooze button
  • Take a cold shower
  • Meditate for 10 minutes
  • Move your body and sweat every day
  • Take a tactical break from alcohol

We have a proven in The 4 Keys mastermind how much more productive, happier and confident we become when we make positive conscious sacrifices.

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Andrew’s Blog: Hold the Mirror Up

Business leaders who do too much rarely hold the mirror up to themselves (metaphorically) for self-reflection, there may be too much confrontation! The idea of taking time out may reflect things back that we don’t want to see.

It’s a reality we’d rather ignore.

It took me a long time to go deeper and notice my weaknesses and what was holding me back at an unconscious level.

Don’t avoid the pain, lean into it. Find purpose in your pain and weaknesses and you will access real strength and power.

When you tap into this you learn how to scale your business without burning out and truly level up your leadership.

Ignoring the wounds will lead you to fall short of your full potential.

How do you take time out for personal reflection?

Andrew’s Blog: Make The Right Choice

Business leaders who are maxed out in their work are so lost in the day to day activity that they forget they have choices.

In many cases, it is easier to blame client demands or the economy or we say things like “I’m not good enough, so I have to keep digging deeper” It’s a paradox between being the hero and playing the victim.

You need to see your workload for what it is – a mountain of tasks that you have created. It’s important to recognise that you do have a choice and to remind yourself daily that every decision is your own.

Once you connect with the idea that the choice is yours as a business leader – work will become playful, joyful and meaningful.

Otherwise, you will become a character in someone else’s story, living a life that is not your own.

What character do you want to play in your life story?

Andrew’s Blog: Nice Guys Come Last

Business leaders who do too much are often generous with their time. We promise so much, that it is impossible to fit it all into a 12 hour day.

As a result, we end up giving a lot less.

I would give so much of myself that I would end up angry, disappointed, and in some cases a failure in other people eyes. Whilst I was well-intentioned – it was impossible to meet the standards I had set for myself and others.

As a business leader, you must not hide behind your promises to avoid showing what you do not have.

When you take control of your diary and stop focusing on pleasing everyone you can start to serve those who truly need your leadership.

Otherwise, you put the true meaning into the phrase “nice guys come last”


Andrew’s Blog: I’d Rather Be a Plumber

We often reward status more than the outcome. We look to those in high end jobs such as doctors, scientists and Nobel Prize winners – but what about the simple work of a plumber?

My ego often pushes me to want more, be more, and I believe it’s important to strive for more.  We should aim to be better than we were yesterday. I believe in that.

But sometimes I would like go back to the beginning of my career and be a plumber. It’s good wholesome work.

In many areas of the world a plumber will save more lives than a doctor by providing access to clean water, disease control and better water conservation.

A barista who makes an exceptional cup of coffee could change the direction of your day!

Do good work and remind yourself of the effect you have on the world – and it will be reciprocated, in some way, I promise.

If you can’t change your mindset around the work you do, then change the work you do.

Is your work purposeful?

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Andrew’s Blog: Empathy Is Your Superpower

Technology, A.I. and automation are removing emotion from the process. Whilst developing these systems are essential in growing and scaling a business, we must not lose sight of the human touch.

After all, it is the human mindset that created the machine in the first place.

Let’s remind ourselves of our unique ability and gift to connect emotionally, be intelligent and make sense of others thoughts and emotions.

Remember how you can make a scared child feel safe, help mend a friend’s broken heart or care for someone in pain. This is what makes us extraordinary human beings.

Relying on technology to keep us objective is useful, but not if it replaces our innate ability to empathise and be truly human.

What is your superpower?

Andrew’s Blog: Don’t Project Onto Others

Ambitious hyper-achievers have high expectations, not only of themselves but also of others.

We think others should be aligned with our values and work ethic – we believe everyone wants the same level of power, wealth and independence.

I projected onto my first daughter. When she started skiing I told her she could be an olympian, when she started playing the guitar I told her she could be a rockstar.

Some people may say it’s inspiring and motivating to help people see their true potential, but in reality, we steal the playfulness away from the actual activity.

Let’s make sure that we set expectations for ourselves and not superimpose them onto others.

And we do set expectations on ourselves, let’s make sure we are doing things that make us happy in the long run. This is what creates true happiness.

Rather than setting expectations in ourselves or others just to make us look good.

Andrew’s Blog: Play To Your Strengths

Playing to our strengths seems too simple. But how many of us as business owners and leaders are doing things that we are not good at?

I learnt this early on in my sports career – my problem was overcomplicating things. I found it hard to keep things simple. The best athletes stay in their lane and play to their strengths.

Write a list of things that you do well in business and write a second list of things you don’t do well. Then explore how many tasks on the second list you are doing daily. The more you are doing on the second list – the slower your business growth will be.

It is fundamentally important to focus on your strengths as a business owner and leader.

Denying that you have weaknesses and that you aren’t good at everything will make you average at most things.

How will you play to your strengths today?

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Andrew’s Blog: Design The Life You Want

Many executives and business owners believe money or the next promotion will set them free. However, it has been proven over and over again that this is a myth.

In reality, both status and money enslave us and make us feel overwhelmed with fear that we will lose it all or not win the race to the top.

Money has enslaved me, not because I was obsessed with making as much as possible, but because it scared me and therefore I would sabotage my own income – If I spent it all no one could take it away from me.

For some people it’s the opposite – they become scrooges, living in fear that they will wake up to an empty vault.

Take a moment today to reflect on how you want to design your life – consider the future ahead and acknowledge that it is not too late to build a life on your terms.

Take a hard look at some of the choices you are making.

Success is measured by how you live life your way.

If we don’t connect with our heart and only make decisions with our heads we will miss out on a multitude of opportunities and increase the chances of burnout.

How will you design your life?